Frequently Asked Question


What does this application do?

Question 1

Panga Media Analytics collects and visualizes your personal microstock revenue data. For all included agencies, it will collect your data automatically so you don’t have to. If you are active as a microstocker, this application will make your life easier and help you with future decision based on past sales.

Yes, there is no communication with us except from a license status check. Moreover, we do not ask for your password neither store it in the application. We do redirect you to the agencies login page and ask you to login there. All data collected will be stored locally on your computer and not be shared with anyone*.

*Only if you want to compare your monthly statistics with others we will make an anonymous comparison with your permission.

Is the application secure?

Question 2

Do you have access to my data?

Question 3

No, we do not have access to your data. All data will be stored locally and we will never ask you for your data. With exception of the monthly ranking data, for which we will compare your months data anonymously with that of other users. This however is optional and up to you to decide.

The ranking is a little additional information that compares your monthly downloads and earnings with that of other users. To do so, your monthly data will be send anonymously to our server where it will be compared. When the month is over, all data will be deleted and the next month’s data will be stored once more. Hence, your data will only be stored until the end of the month.

As mentioned: this is fully optional and anonymous as we understand that not everybody is happy to share his/her personal data.

What is this ``ranking``?

Question 4

How to get a license key?

Question 5

You can obtain a license key through our website. We give a free trial of a month after which you should pay a monthly fee. Once, your license code is not valid anymore you can renew it through our website once more if you want to.

The development and continuous maintenance of the application cost a lot of time and money. Hence, I ask for a small monthly fee. I have kept the prices as low as possible as I know the industry for microstockers is very hard at the moment.

Why subscriptions?

Question 6

It does not allow me to open on a second computer?

Question 7

No, the license is valid for only once computer with exception of the pro – team license which can be installed on up to three computers. If you want to use the application on a different computer please go to the subscription status tab in the application and deregister the computer on which you are using the application at the moment. Afterwards you can use the application on a different computer.
Note: you do have to recollect all your sales data once more when you change computers.

Your images are being matched by their file-names. Therefore, image matching only works if you did not change your filenames when uploading to every agency. Filename is the name of the file, for one: “photo12_bodyofwater.jpg”. It is not the title you have given in the metadata as I know those vary among different agencies.

The agencies Dreamstime and Bigstock do not have the opportunity to retrieve the filename after submission. Hence, images cannot be matched for those agencies.

How are my images being matched?

Question 8

Should I report the errors?

Question 9

I have included some errors which you can send me as feedback when they occur. As said in the notification, please contact me when the error occurs multiple times as it could also be due to a bad internet connection. When you contact me, make sure you give me the number of the error and I will do my best to solve it as quick as possible!

When you start building your database, it can take quite a long time before it’s finished. The application has to go through every single file you sold and retrieve the metadata of the file. Hence, it has to go through quite a lot of pages and as you can imagine, this is a lot of work so it will take time. Please be patient as it is only once and subsequent refreshing does not take much time any more.

Why does building takes so long?

Question 10

I accidently deleted my data, is there a backup?

Question 11

No, sorry there is no backup available of your data. When the data is deleted it will be deleted from your computer and cannot be restored anymore. Restoring a backup of your entire computer will however, solve your problem. Off course you can just build the database once more as well.

Yes, if you want to stop tracking an agency simply logout at that agency. This will tell the application you do not want to track this agency. Make sure you do not delete the database for that agency if you want to keep the data.

Can I stop tracking an agency but keep the data?

Question 12

What is RPD and RPI?

Question 13

Revenue Per Download (RPD) is the royalty your received per download. If there are multiple downloads it is the average royalty your received per download.

Revenue Per Image (RPI) is the total royalty you received divided by your portfolio size. If the RPI is being shown for all agencies, the RPI is calculated by dividing the sum of all royalties by the sum of all portfolio sizes.