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Today, I will write an introduction to this blog series for the of PangaMedia-Analytics application. ‘Who am I’ & ‘Why this blog?’ is the very reason to make this introduction.

Who Am i?

I’m a successful microstocker. What do I mean with successful: for me, it means that I can live of the earnings I receive from microstock. I started relatively recent (2021) with working full time in the microstock and although a lot of people complain with ‘the golden days are over’, I managed to get a decent income quickly. (I wonder what I would have earned in the golden days..).

Why this blog?

Now, the very reason of this blog. I spend a lot of time analyzing my earnings, understanding the market and looking at the dashboards of the various agencies. Which is a complete loss of time, because some parts could be done much quicker. So, I developed an application that would gather information, process it, and show it you in various graphs.

For one: my Revenue Per Image (RPI). Within the blink of an eye, I can see that my RPI in 2022 (right bars) is way better than my RPI in 2021 (left bars). That’s excellent positive feedback which tells me I am improving on the media I’ve submitted.

An example shown in the introduction blog that show a RPD graph comparing two years generated by the PangaMedia-Analytics application
An example of a RPD graph comparing two years generated by the application pangamedia analytics

Okay, before I start promoting my application in this introduction blog (see for what functions the pangamedia-analytics application has), let’s go over why I created this blog. This blog should be an additional resource for us, microstockers. A useful additional resource of information, complement to the application, that could help us making decisions and keep going forward. I might give my interpretation of RPI and why you should know your personal RPI or I could make an analysis of an aspect I think is interesting to know.

So, let’s see what the future brings us!

Panga Media Analytics

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